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Extended abstract submission deadline

Deadline: Saturday, 1 February 2020, 10 A.M. CET

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Grants and Awards

Those who wish to apply for travel grants and awards should do so by providing the required information in the online abstract form. 

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The ECNP 2020 Congress is compliant with the provisions of the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice 

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Major sponsors


Thursday, 4 June

Opening Ceremony with the Royal Danish Ballet School, Odense.

The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen has had a ballet school since 1771, and is one of the only companies in the World with a ballet school and academic department housed in the same theatre Building. In addition to their education as dancers, students receive a scholastic education on a par with an elementary school.

The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense, was founded in 2001 as a subdivision of the Royal Danish Ballet School, Copenhagen. The school was started in cooperation with Odense municipality, Odense Theatre, and the Royal Danish Theatre.

One could say that students at the Ballet School learn the same steps as they did 200 years ago. But here the similarities end. Today, the Ballet School is a modern private school and culture institution with an elite dance profile that offers a unique education in modern dance and classical ballet in an innovative environment where dance, culture and academics meet.

Enjoy a quiet moment in the ballet's graceful presence.

Ballet 3 

Odense Aafart - River Cruise

2 hours cruise and Dinner tour. A great way to experience some of the green areas in Odense City.
Odense Aafart has been sailing people up and Down the Odense River since 1882 and the guests describe it with words like coziness, relaxation, summer and sun, happiness and beautiful scenery.

By joining this event you will experience several of the green oases that invite guests and locals alike to take a break and relax. The cruise Begins at Munke Mose and the sailing route passes through Odense Zoo and Fruens Bøge where you can experience the stunning scenery of the area around the forest and woodland lake.


Dinner groups

In addition to the Social Program, participants can also sign up to join various dinner Groups, which will be assembled through neuropathological focus areas. Experts in the different areas will join the Groups. Our aim is to enhance the networking.


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