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The Virtual 12th European Congress of Neuropathology has been accredited by EACCME


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Registration is closed.

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The ECNP 2021 Congress is compliant with the provisions of the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice 

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ECNP2021 Abstract Book in Clinical Neuropathology online

On the Clinical Neuropathology (Dustri-Verlag) webpage 

Download from by using the DOI 10.5414/NPP40M01


All abstracts submitted until 15 April 2021 were reviewed and authors have been notified about acceptance and presentation method. If you did not receive a notification, please contact the Euro-CNS secretariat (
An overview of accepted abstracts and presentation methods is also provided at the bottom of this page.

The abstract submission system remains open for submission of late and late-breaking abstracts. 
Submissions until 23 April may be included in the Abstract book. Submissions received between 23 April and 1 May, may be presented as Eposter but will not appear in the official Abstract Book (Clinical Neuropathology). They will appear in the addendum to the Abstract book, which can be accessed and downloaded online during the event.
Exceptions may be made, please contact the secretariat if you have a late-breaking abstract to submit between 1 and 15 May 2021.

E-posters and oral presentations
E-poster viewing will open shortly before the congress, and at all time during the event. You can upload the poster of your accepted abstract to an advanced poster platform where you can add audio and video to your presentation. You can see a few examples of this in the Showcase. Please also take 3 minutes to watch the video presentation on the highlights of a Learning Toolbox ePoster.
It is our intention to give all poster presenters the opportunity to be heard in person. Authors from selected abstracts are invited to present their work (live) in several symposia, workshops or in the free communication sessions. Those remaining are invited to give a mini-presentation of 3 minutes (max) in our "Quick Pitch" sessions. These are round table sessions where presenters get 3 minutes to present their work in person. Each Quick Pitch session will be moderated and will have 30 minutes discussion time. Presenters may present "live" or share their screen and play a pre-recorded video from their Eposterboard. We ask all presenters to prepare a 3-minute video presentation and upload this to their Eposter stack. This is also a good back-up if there are technical/internet issues. You can read more details here.  

Publication in Clinical Neuropathology
The accepted abstracts of registered presenters will be published in an online supplement issue of the Euro-CNS journal "Clinical Neuropathology". This issue will be published as a free open access article. A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) will be assigned to it in order to facilitate access to the URL, where the complete issue can be downloaded.

Earlier submissions (2020)
Submissions for the original congress dates (June 2020) are not valid
Even if your abstract was accepted early last year, you need to re-submit. Please rest assured that if your abstract was accepted for the initial congress dates, it will be accepted again when you re-submit.

Submission guidelines:
Abstracts can only be submitted online. You can access the online abstract submission system on a secure external page. If you do not have a Firebird system account yet (for example from the previous submission for the original congress dates 2020), you will need to create a Firebird system account in order to submit an abstract. You can edit your abstract until you have submitted it (by pressing the 'submit button' at the end of the process).

The abstract submission site works best with the latest versions of Safari, Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

Abstract instructions:

Title of your abstract: not more than 20 words.
Max number of words excluding title: 250

Abstract layout:

  1. Short background/introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Methods
  4. Results
  5. Conclusion

No Images/figures/tables

Tips for using the system:

  • You need to provide name and affiliation of each (co-)author. Each author needs a unique e-mail address. You cannot use one e-mail address for two authors.
  • Indicate the presenting author (there can only be one presenting author per submission)
  • If you submit your abstract, the status on your dashboard will indicate 'abstract review’. That means your abstract has been received and will be reviewed. As long as the status shows ‘abstract’ you can edit your abstract - until you submit it.
  • If you wish to withdraw your abstract after having submitted it, for example if you cannot attend the virtual congress anymore, please inform us immediately.

The presenting author will receive our communications.

The abstract themes are:

  1. Vascular dementia
  2. FTD and ALS
  3. Prion diseases
  4. Dementia-Alzheimer
  5. Movement disorders
  6. Animal models-neurodegeneration
  7. Neuroinflammation
  8. Neurodevelopment
  9. Tumors - gliomas
  10. Tumors - others
  11. Target therapy in neuro-oncology
  12. Epilepsia
  13. Storage disorders
  14. Neuromuscular disorders
  15. Covid-19
  16. Other

If you have questions about abstracts, please contact the Euro-CNS secretariat: 

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